Redwood Raven

23 Mar 2016

Dear A.,

A raven followed me when I went adventuring through the redwoods just the other day. It flitted from branch to branch above my head, a lithe shadow singing lilting takk-takk-takks as I ambled the forest floor. I could hear it babble over the brook and speak over the halfway heard conversations of other adventurers. It kept at it with resounding resolve, moving just ahead and rushing to catch up to me as it fell behind. I tried talking back, sending responding takk-takk-takks careening through the redwoods, but I doubt they made any sense to this determined bird. I wonder what it was trying to say. Was it a Norwegian raven? Did it mean to say “thank you” over and over again? Perhaps it was just more curious about the open bag of artichoke bread I had than it was about me.