Coffee Techniques - Chemex V60

03 Feb 2020

Ultimate V60 / Chemex Technique

I wanted to record James Hoffmann’s V60 / Chemex technique in text form.

Recommended Brew Ratio: 60 [g] / 1 [L]

Grind size: medium fine (experimenting with Kinu M47 Phoenix at the moment for best setting)

Pre-brew steps

Rinse filter paper with water just off-boil. Add coffee grounds to filter, flatten then make a little well in the center.


Timer: 0:00

Add 2x the coffee weight in bloom water. Don’t use more than 3x. Swirl the coffee (pick up the whole brewer) to evenly saturate the grounds.

Bloom for 30 seconds (up to 45 seconds).

End Time: 0:30


First Slow Pour

Timer: 0:30

Slowly add water aiming for 60% of total brew weight (eg. 300 [g] for a 500 [ml] brew).

End time: 1:15

Second Slow Pour

Timer: 1:15

Even more slowly, add remaining water by 1:45. With a spoon, stir once clockwise, once counterclockwise. This will knock off any remaining grounds on the sidewall of the filter.

End time: 1:45

Final Swirl

Allow the brewer to drain a little, then give one final swirl of the brewer to ensure a flat bed of coffee and even extraction.

Aim for a final drawdown of somewhere in the 3:30 range.